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Are you putting off  meditating because you think you have to sit in a lotus position and not have any thoughts at all?

Meditation can come in many forms. The purpose is to let go of the constant stream of thoughts that inhabits our brain all day long. The thoughts will still come and go but as I say in my guided meditations, it is OK to think about going to the grocery store, but don’t engage in that thought and start making a list. Calming your thoughts to enter the Alpha state , a deep, relaxed state, is beneficial in so many ways. It reduces stress, increases performance, improves memory and concentration, boosts immunity, and enhances creativity.

Visual, musical, or written artists seem to tap into this state when creating their art.  Many will say that the art just comes to them as a flow from outside themselves. This seems to be true of other professions such as scientists and engineers who come up with an idea that has never been seen before. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison entered the Alpha state to solve problems that they could not resolve in the “thinking state ” .

Listening to music, watching theater or reading poetry is a wonderful way to transcend your everyday thoughts and tap into a “higher intuitive state”. There are times when I have been watching a musical and forgot everything except the the creativity in front of my eyes.

Walking in nature  can be meditative to many people. I know when I am in nature especially near trees and water, I feel  connected to all living things. It is one reason I love camping or traveling to new places. Many people when engaged in sports enter the “zone”, a non-thinking space where you are totally in tune with your body. Have you ever been hiking or exercising and solved a problem that had been eluding you forever?

Another form of meditation for me is cooking. I know it sounds crazy but I am totally into what I am doing. I am enjoying the smells and texture of the food I am preparing. It is super relaxing to me and transports me out of my busy thoughts. Do you have a hobby or activity that allows you to completely leave your everyday world for a little while?

Many people think they do not have time to meditate , but as most successful people know who meditate, it actually makes them much more productive and less stressed during their day. I find nothing seems insurmountable if I start my day with a short meditation. I also can solve questions I have been pondering during the meditation and feel connections to others that are in need of a kind word. I have called many people after they came to me in mediation and they said “I was just thinking about you”.

In the New Year coming up, how about doing something for yourself ? Start a new practice of 10-20 minutes of morning meditation before you start your day. If that is not possible, then try it during a break or just before bed. I promise you the 10 minutes you give to yourself will come back 10 fold during the day. You can start by Googling “Guided Meditations”.

I am also offering free 20 Minute Guided Meditations at Cherish Yourself in Cary  from 6:30-7 pm. The dates are January 4 and 24, 2017; and February 7 and 22, 2017 . Let me know if you would like to join me, as you decide that taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give others.



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