Janice's painting of me

Painting of me by my friend ( probably  my energetic body), Janice Cooper.

Reiki Master Practitioner,   Trinity Energy Practitioner ,    Ordained Holistic Minister

As a small child I always felt a spiritual connection  with nature.  I was  more comfortable in the woods near my house playing in the creek than being inside playing with toys.  I felt the presence of wood nymphs and fairies during my adventures.  I knew this was an important part of my life.

As I got older, there were times when I would look in the mirror and wonder where I really was, knowing  I was not the body I was looking at but something much deeper inside.  I also sensed this was something most other kids would not understand, since I did not understand  it myself.  So I didn’t discuss this with others thinking I was sort of strange.

At age 19, I lost my father , and starting doubting God because I thought if you lived good and worked hard you could overcome anything.  Finally after many months, I connected with my spiritual self to overcome the grief of my loss.

My faith was tested again at 29 when I lost my mom.  She died after 4 days in a coma and I never got to tell her goodbye.  For 3 months after her death I could not find joy in my life.  Her spirit came to see me at that time and the next day I regained my joy with life and was filled with gratitude.  I decided that I needed to become closer to my spiritual self.

The next four  years were consumed with  finishing my college degree (going part-time for 15 years), working  full-time and actively  performing with a clogging team.  Once I received my degree,   I was able to return to my search for a deeper connection with spirit.

My prayers were answered when I was introduced to Veronica Vela, Naturopath and Reiki Master,  and started “A Course in Miracles”.  I began to see the world differently and truly practice forgiveness.  I learned that forgiveness  is the way to release negative energy from your consciousness so you can be free to truly love and live your life to the fullest.  Love is all there is and fear is the opposite of love, so it does not exist , according to the “Course in Miracle”.

In 1987, I began a Reiki I class and soon became attuned with Reiki I then Reiki II  in 2005. I am now a Reiki Master Practioner and have used Reiki for the last 25 years for myself and others when healing was needed either physical, emotional or spiritually.

At the age of 50 ,  I lost my husband of 17 years to an aneurysm unexpectedly, leaving me with a 7 year old son, his business and my full time job.  For the next year, I attended to business matters to get through this change and to  sell his business.  Three years later, I relocated back to my home to be closer to my “spiritual family” and to an area more opened minded towards metaphysical ideas.  I knew this was my path, although leaving my career of 34 years and starting a home-based business with botanical skin care and nutrition was a huge leap of faith.  I decided to live my life from love instead of fear.

In 2011, I was affected by an inflammatory process and could not walk without a cane overnight.   With the help of Angela Coulter, Founder of Trinity Energy Progression, and Phran Gacher, Reiki Master, I began meditating using a guided mediation, Rainbow Colors, which lessened the pain I was experiencing.  Veronica Vela was also sending Reiki to help deal with the pain from her home.  I started following my spiritual guidance more and became a Trinity Energy Practitioner in 2012.  In 2014, I became an Ordained Minister with the New Earth Aquarian Church, founded by Veronica Vela. In  2015, I became a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Walking with a cane for 5 months, then undergoing double knee replacement and physical therapy for several months, I found that energy work and meditations alleviated a lot of the pain, fear and frustration.  I never gave up even when the pain was unbearable and I was exhausted from too little sleep.  My spiritual faith kept me grounded.  I realized I could help others in similar situations.

Since 1987, I have helped friends with various problems using energy work.  I have been led to contact friends that appeared to me in meditations or dreams.  They were startled to hear from me, since they  had me on their mind but had not called.  My intuition has increased dramatically in dreams, meditations and even during periods of activity.  I knew it was time to follow the path of Energy Healing and offer this to others who may  need guidance.

If you have blocks in your path to a whole life expansion , I can help you with this.  I would love to assist you in your spiritual, emotional or physical journey to a whole life fulfillment!  If  I can be of assistance to you, please contact me for a free consultation.

I also offer group meditations for 3 or more: nature meditations, guided meditations and past life regressions.

Spiritual ceremonies are available  including weddings (LGBT couples welcome), births, eulogies, house blessings, house clearings and pet ceremonies.

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