Free initial consultations on all services:

Energy Healing:

Session – $100

3 Session Pkg- $250

6 Session Pkg – $450



Session – $50


Group Meditations:

Individual Guided Meditation (five, 30-minute sessions by phone or Skype)

$200 for the package of five sessions

“Out in Nature” 2-hour meditation session ( minimum 5 or more)
$30 (per person)

Guided Meditation – Group

 Past Life Regressions – Group
(5 or more)
$25 (per person)


Ceremony Officiating Services:

Officiating services are individual to each kind of ceremony, depending on length, location, and time.

Range is $325- $800


As a Holistic Minister, I offer all types of spiritual ceremonies and blessings:     $150-325                                                                                               


  • Renewal of Vows                                                                                     $325
  • Births                                                                                                        $325
  • Celebration of Life (remembering a Loved One)                                      $325
  • Pet Ceremonies                                                                                        $325
  • House Blessings                                                                                      $150
  • House Clearings                                                                                       $150
  • Business Blessings                                                                                   $150
  • Business Clearings                                                                                   $150


Relationship Optimization

For Strong Marriages and Healthy Relationships

$ 250 – Assessment and One Feedback Session ( additional sessions $175 per session)

Individual assessments that cover areas in your relationship such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, spiritual beliefs, personalities, family origins and relationship dynamics. You will gain insight into the strength areas as well as the areas for growth in your relationship.  I will provide feedback and coaching in a one-on-one or virtual session after completing the assessment. Studies have shown relationship improvement in 4 out of 13 areas with the assessment alone and in 10 out of 13 areas which included feedback. Over 4 million couples have used Prepare and Enrich to enhance their relationships. 

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