More and more, we see people waking up to the fact that healthy food and lifestyle habits have a powerful (healing) effect on the body. The notion that human beings are energy beings – derived from an invisible, highly intelligent force is gaining in popularity and acceptance. We know that organic (chemical-free) foods, quality supplements, meditation, energy healing plus much more – will raise our vibrational energy and greatly improve our health.

Nutrition sessions featuring a fast metabolism diet may enable you to live a full active life by helping with:

  • More energy
  • Weight management
  • Clear thinking
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Less mood swings
  • Better focus
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mobility

See the Pricing page for session costs.

Available in person, or via Skype or phone

Free Nutrition Class- ” Alkaline Foods to Reduce Inflammation”   available for groups of 3 or more.

In addition to eating whole foods, products to assist the alkaline diet to reduce inflammation can be found at


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