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Meditation helps boost our immunity, reduce stress, enhance creativity, increase productivity and improve attention and memory. Even if you feel fine, meditation is wonderful for overall mental and physical health.

Meditation provides you with inspiration, through the Alpha brainwave state.

“Many famous people such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison have used Alpha state to gain clarity and gain insightful solutions to problems which they could not solve in their conscious state.”

“This is like a secret pass toward instant new ideas and solutions which we couldn’t have generated with our conscious mind. If you have a frustrating dilemma you cannot resolve, or you are looking for new ideas for something you are working on, try meditating on them and see what you get.” From Celestine Chua, the founder of Personal Excellence.

See Event Page for Upcoming Meditations Open to the Community


Individual Guided Meditation Sessions ( Five , 30 minute sessions by phone)

Do you want to learn to meditate but feel like you do not have the time? This is a package of five , 30 minute guided meditation sessions by phone or Skype to help you get started in your own meditations. These can be done in one week or over a couple of weeks. We will focus on opening the 7  Chakras (energy centers) in the body to allow the energy to  flow freely and help expand your feelings of support, creativity, passion, sexuality, trust & belief in yourself, unconditional love, speaking your truth , intuition, and a oneness with the universe. The sessions can focus on all the Chakras of on the ones where you feel blocked.


Past Life Regression ( via phone, Skype or in person)

Join me for an exploration of your past lives. Have you ever had a feeling of being somewhere before, already knowing someone that you just met, or a déjà vu sensation? If so, it  may be signs of a past life. During a past life regression session, meditative techniques are used to assist you with remembering a past life.  You are always aware of what is happening during this process.  This experience may help you gain understanding and insight into things happening in your current life. Experience  a group past life regression in a safe way to one of your previous lifetimes. Learn more about your soul’s progress and why you may have chosen the type of life that you are living now.


Nature Meditations

Connect  with all life including plants, animals, rocks, trees, etc.

Consist of 2-hour sessions beginning with a discussion, 30-minute meditation and followed by a gentle nature walk

5 person minimum per class.


 5 person minimum ( with special pricing):

Group Guided Meditation

Group Past Life Regression



For more information, call +919 920 0569.

See the Pricing page for costs.

Free recordings to help you get started in daily meditations;

Click on one of the links below

Opening the Chakras in a Garden (21 minutes)   

Meditation in the Garden (22 minutes)

Expanding consciousness (17.5 minutes)

Heart expansion (9.5 minutes)


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  1. Saw you again at Dawn Raxter’s party – she can’t come tonight – gone to her Mother’s

    I’m not feeling good – took a sick day from work. maybe see you next week, or in 2 weeks.

    in peace, Denise

  2. I am sorry you could not come. The next one is Wednesday, January 20 at 8 pm. I hope that will fit into your schedule.

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