Energy Healing


De-Stress Sessions focus on reducing stress associated with the upcoming event.  Events such as: exams, job interviews, weddings, divorce proceedings and many more can benefit from a De-Stress sessions. The session will include a discussion of the event and the causes of your stress.  A guided mediation will follow to relax and allow you to let go of worrying thoughts. You will take a trip through nature in your mind and focus on pleasant surroundings. Next you will visualize the event unfolding with ease and grace. You will have techniques to help calm yourself and enjoy the event when it occurs.


Energy sessions serve  as a guide to whole life expansion! It can  help you learn how to live a  joy-filled life: spiritually, emotionally and physically through energy healing, meditation guidance, and a multitude of other healthy lifestyle practices. Energy sessions can show you how to focus on the light within and help discover what you truly want in this life , moving forward with courage and abandon!  By accessing the spiritual life force within, you realize you are limitless and can choose how you experience your life. 

Energy healing comes from the knowledge that we are made of energy and that congestion in our human energetic system or the misalignment of that energy can cause emotional distress, mental blocks, pain, or illness.

During energy healing sessions, the healer makes a loving intention for the best outcome for the client. This type of unconditional love is very soothing. After an energy healing session, clients generally report feeling relaxed and clear. If you are feeling confused or stuck in a rut, had a recent trauma, even from childhood, recent surgery, life transition, or just want to feel good, energy healing could be beneficial to you.

When working with clients, I use two types of Energy Healing.

Trinity Energy Progression is a powerful energy healing practice that helps the recipient shift their experience to be free of what is limiting them (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental). A Trinity practitioner helps a client to get to the root of a limitation, look at what’s causing it from the client’s experience via separation (fear, anxiety, resentment, anger, guilt, pain, judgment), and together steps out of separation with the client to help them access their own Divine consciousness, back into Oneness to help the client create a new, limitless reality from there. Sessions can create immediate shifting and change, because the shifting comes from looking at all experience in our reality as coming from within ourselves.  The premise of Trinity is taking full responsibility of choosing how to experience one’s existence, and that all around and within reflects these choices in one way or another. It’s shifting to a place of empowerment and conscious creation via unconditional love and support.


Reiki is  “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being”. Reiki is used to help balance the chakras in the body. “These swirling wheels of energy correspond to massive nerve centers in the body. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Since everything is moving, it’s essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow. Think of something as simple as your bathtub drain. If you allow too much hair to go into the drain, the bathtub will back up with water, stagnate and eventually bacteria and mold will grow. So is too with our bodies and the chakras. A bathtub is simple; it’s physical so the fix is easy.” -

 Energy Healing may assist you in:

  • Releasing  negative energy and emotions
  • Freeing  yourself to follow your true passion in life
  • Connecting with your inner peace and happiness
  • Releasing physical pain
  • Increasing understanding of others
  • Interpreting your dreams
  • Increasing awareness of signs and coincidences 
  • Achieving deeper meditative states
  • Becoming more in tune with your spiritual self
  • Experiencing true joy in your life

See the Pricing page for session costs.

Available in person,  Skype or by phone.


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