Apr 012018

Have you lost a loved one and then received a “message ” from them?  This first happened to me three months after my Mother’s death. She became ill and went into a  coma and died four days later. I never got to talk to her and say goodbye. Usually being a very upbeat person, as my friends will tell you, I became depressed when my mother passed away. I didn’t feel like socializing and gained weight by eating too much. Then one night her spirit came to see me. I could see her clothes and where she was sitting. We talked all night about our life together and how much I missed her. The next morning, I was back to my old self. I felt a new energy after connecting with my mother’s spirit.

At the time, I had not been participating in a spiritual practice for 10 years but knew this was something I had to start again. I was working full time, taking 3 classes at NCSU and dancing with the Apple Chill Cloggers in Chapel Hill. So it was four years later when I graduated with my BS in Zoology at the age of 33, that I began searching in earnest for a spiritual practice. 

I met Veronica Vela, http://healthecology.com/, who introduced me to the Course in Miracles and the energy healing practice of Reiki.  I became a Reiki I practitioner and spent the next two years studying the Course in  Miracles https://www.acim.org/AboutACIM/   

It changed my life. I began seeing everything in a new way. I paid attention to coincidences, dreams and began meditating. Keeping a journal, helped me grow spiritually over the years.  In  2003, I lost my husband of 17 years suddenly to an aneurysm. The first time I knew his spirit was around, was when my son and I were in the bathroom talking. We were remembering how he would turn out the light to scare us. About that time, the light went out and neither one of us was near the switch. We both knew he was there.

At the time my son was seven and he had told me on many occasions that I should not be sad because his Dad was right there with us. Children often see and feel spirits much more readily than adults. They are open and clear channels to the spiritual plane.

Two times after I began dating his spirit came to me. The first time was with a guy I had started dating in the form of a song, “Mama He’s Crazy” by the Judds. When this song came on in the past, I had always felt I was singing it to my mother to let her know I had found a  good man to marry. SO when is started playing after he passed away, I knew he was telling me to watch out, it might not be a long relationship and he was right.

The next time was again with a new boyfriend and the smoke detector went off in the house for the first time for no reason. I thought to myself, “Okay Sonny ( my husband’s name), I know this is not the best choice but I am lonely. I guess I am OK now because I have been dating the same guy for 7 years and we are engaged. No signals for the spiritual realm yet, YEA!

Since that time, I have lost friends and their spirit came to visit to let me know they were OK. They all wanted me to tell a loved one this. I felt it when I lost a close friend, Jerome, from my clogging days.  Also when Eric, my fiance, lost his father, when I lost my Aunt Melba ( she was like a mother to me), and when Joe, Becky’s husband died. It was always a peaceful feeling and lots of love associated with it. Being open to the spiritual realm, can help ease a loss or help someone else with their grief. 

If you want to become more aware of spiritual messages, I suggest you start a journal, noting all coincidences like the phone call from a friend you were just thinking about, seeing the same number over and over again or to seeing an animal that has a significance to you. Also keeping a record of your dreams and anything else that pops in your mind that might be related to spirit. One of the best ways to get started is to begin a daily meditation practice. If you need help with this please contact me and I will point you in the right direction http://omnigirl.net/naturemeditations/

Your life will expand in ways you can not imagine when you connect to your spiritual center. It beings clarity in decisions, as well as peace in troubling times. My decision to begin a spiritual practice is absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made!


Dec 062015

abrahamlincoln137180Recently I went to a Celebration of Life for my friend’s 34 year old son who died by accident. It was truly a celebration of his life. His friends, brother, father and mother all spoke of his zest for life and how he lived every moment to the fullest. His mother read

“On Children” by Kahlil Gibran

“Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.”

She truly demonstrated her belief that life is a continuous flow of energy of your spirit in this plane and into the spiritual realm. At the end they played “Happy” and everyone danced in the aisles.  I was so overwhelmed by the love felt for this man and how everyone was honored by knowing him.

Twelve years ago, I lost my husband after spending 17 years with him. My son was eight and had to bear losing his father young. It was a sudden death and totally unexpected. Sonny Perkins was such a vibrant man that everyone loved for his generosity. He would cook on the grill and have me to take food to all the single moms in the neighborhood. He was bigger than life and it seemed unreal that he was no longer with us. He made it clear that he wanted to be cremated and did not like funeral homes. So I made the decision to have a graveside service only. I invited people to the house afterwards and told them to” bring a bottle and a story” to celebrate his life. I knew that he would be proud of this decision. It was a very emotional time, but what a fine way to learn more about this man that I loved for many years, by hearing stories of his college days.

In the weeks that followed, I found solace with Wil Perkins’s ( my son) unwavering belief that his father was still with us. I would be crying and he would ask what was the matter. I would say I miss your Dad. Wil would respond “He is right here with us, Mom , you do not need to be sad.” I felt comfort knowing that his spirit would always be with me and  Wil. When you have the privilege of knowing someone intimately and being part of their life, you truly never lose them. You can reach them through dreams, meditation and prayer. You can always talk to them if you are willing to try a new way of communicating. Look for signs and you will see them. Wil and I were standing in the bathroom shortly after his Dad’s death and I was talking about how his Dad would turn off the light to tease me. The next moment the light went out without us touching the switch. We both knew in our heart that his Dad was there.  Sometimes you may see a animal,hear a song or  smell something that reminds you of your loved one just when you need it. Pay attention, they are trying to let you know that they are OK.

Today, I go to another Celebration of Life for my friend, Wendy Brown, who I met 17 years ago at the YMCA water aerobics class. She was one of a kind. We were friends in Goldsboro, and when I moved to Cary, she asked me to attend NC Theater productions with her. Her generosity allowed me to experience  art in many forms, including theater, ballet and symphony. When she found out my college son liked the symphony, she gave him tickets to go and take a friend. She was a generous donor to all the arts, and it was my honor to attend the events with her.  Wendy, Annette, Eric and I could be seen at most NC Theater events. Whenever I think of her, I see her impish smile and revel in her sense of wonder of the arts at every production she attended.

As life goes on, we experience more losses of our loved ones. Celebrating their life in your memories, instead of grieving your loss, can give you great comfort. I know you truly never lose anyone, just their physical form. My Dad died when I was 19 and my Mom when I was 29 but I still see them in my dreams and meditations to this day. When people ask , “How do you get over the loss?” , I respond by saying ” I am so thankful that I had them in my life for even a short while”.  Knowing that their spirit is with me always is a comfort beyond belief.