Nov 252018

We live our lives on auto-pilot much of the time. We forget to let others know how much we love them. We may respect or admire a person and do not compliment them since you assume they know it already. But most people do not realize the positive impact a kind word or deed can have on someone else. 

Brush with Death

Recently I had a brush with death. My son had just returned home and noticed I was slurring my words. When I could not smile he called 911.  I ended up in the emergency room. Four hours later the doctor removed the clot from my brain. I had no known risk factors: very low cholesterol, normal blood pressure and regular exercise.  They found  I  had an irregular heartbeat. In the middle of the night, I had to make a decision whether to have the clot removed.


Between meditating and discussing with my son, we made the decision to do the clot removal. Being able to meditate at a time like this, helped me make a calm decision- there could be serious side effects with or without the surgery.  As I meditated I felt I was gonna make it through the surgery, if not I knew I would my spirit would still be here. While I was in the hospital I meditated again while I was having severe headaches and only given Tylenol to relive it. I saw my Grandmother’s spirit – she suggested a cold compress which helped me tremendously.


I went home three days later symptom-free due to my son’s swift actions. I officiated a wedding one week after leaving the hospital.    I truly appreciated being able to do even the smallest things like taking a shower getting dressed by myself.

This event made me value the time I spend with the people who are important to me. Really listening and giving my full attention to them, instead of doing something else or having my mind on other tasks. 

It took a few weeks to get my heartbeat under control. It was a little scary but I knew my spiritual self would be OK either way. I am truly thankful for the important things in my life: my friends, my family and even nature and good food and wine – all the things that bring joy to my life. I am truly blessed to be able to write this blog today.  My final message to you: don’t wait until you have a brush with death to make the most of every moment. Truly value the people and the things  in your life that give joy in your heart and spirit. 

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