Nov 272019

Why We Sleep

I just finished reading the book“Why We Sleep”- unlocking the power of sleep and dreams- by Matthew Walker, PhD of neuroscience and psychology. There have been many scientific studies to determine the benefits of sleep and dreaming. What I learned was very interesting. Many of the benefits are very similar to the benefits of meditation.

Why We Sleep Book


Health Benefits 

Sleep and dreaming provide similar benefits to meditation. They also help you live longer, give you less chance of dementia, cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart attacks or strokes.  In many societies including our own, people think of sleep as a luxury. We think it is ok to shortchange ourselves in this department. Many correlations have been shown between sleeping less than 6 hours a night and increased health risks. The optimal number of hours to sleep is 7 or 8 for everyone.  In the United States, more auto accidents are due to drowsy driving than alcohol and drugs combined.  Read Amanda McKay’s blog for tips on sleeping: Healthy Habits to Improve Your Sleep


Dreaming is of particular interest to me since it provides a mechanism to soothe your emotions and to increase your creativity. During dreamless, NREM ( non -REM sleep) the overall metabolic activity is decreased in the brain. The opposite is true during REM ( rapid eve movement) sleep. During  REM  sleep where dreaming occurs, scientists have found activation of the visual, motor, emotional and autobiographical memory regions in the brain. It reduces activation in the region that controls rational thoughts. 
REM sleep helps us remember details of valuable experiences.  It helps us forget the painful emotions from traumatic experiences. This aids in removing the emotional charge from our experiences when we think about them.   While treating some veterans with a drug for high blood pressure, doctors found the medication reduced the level of stress-related noradrenaline in PTSD patients allowing better REM sleep. They reported being able to sleep better at night and a decrease in their nightmares.  
Dreaming allows us to make connections that would not be possible in our conscious mind. The center for emotions is enhanced and the rational thought center is decreased. Mendeleev, a Russian Chemist was able to organize the Periodic Table containing all the elements during his sleep. He had been trying for years. After not sleeping for three days or nights, he fell asleep and dreamed of the table where all the elements fell into place. Paul McCartney dreamed of the melodies of “Yesterday” and Let It Be” while he was sleeping.   


I have listed some of the benefits of Meditation: reduce stress, boost immunity, enhance creativity, increase productivity and improve attention & memory on the Events page here  You can see the similarities to the power of sleep and dreams.  Meditation is also a way to interpret your dreams. I keep a journal near my bed to record any dreams that I can remember. During meditation, I quiet my mind and ask what the dream meant. Then I listen for an answer. The trick is to wait for an answer – it might come that day or in the next few days.  You may have to ask again. In the same journal, I record any impressions that come to me in my meditations whether they are related to my dreams or not. Your mind opens up to new possibilities by stilling the constant stream of thoughts and connecting to your inner self. These impressions may not mean anything when you have them but frequently become apparent in the future. I also record any coincidences such a seeing the same numbers, the same letters, or the same animals frequently.  If you are thinking of someone and they call at that instant, record that in your journal. The more you practice noticing these occurrences the more in tune you become with the spiritual side of yourself. This can enhance your encounters with loved ones that have passed to the spiritual realm also.  You can listen to free guided meditations here:

Ann McKenzie- Meditation-Nature

I will be offering a Guided Meditation to the Community on 12-9-19. You can find the details on :
Apr 222019
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Sunset at Clearwater Beach

Have you ever had something happen unexpectedly and your automatic pilot took over? 

Pew Breaking

This happened recently during two separate weddings on the same day.  The first wedding occurred in a historic chapel with wooden pews. In the middle of the bride’s vows, we heard a large yell as the pew cracked where three guests were seated. No one was hurt but they did have to move to a new pew.  As the laughter continued, I finally had to say,” Ok let the bride finish her vows”. The guests will always remember that wedding!

Groom Fainting

Later the same day I was officiating a ceremony in another historic building when the groom looked at me and said” I am really hot, I am going to get some water” near the end of the ceremony. I knew something was wrong and said “Ok” just as he fainted and fell backwards to the floor, He had to be taken to the hospital. His children were sitting on the front row when this happened.  I spent some time reassuring them that their father was going to be fine during the reception.  He was able to return later to finish the reception. He was even able to briefly dance with his bride.

Daily Meditations

My daily meditation practice has always helped me keep calm when something like this happens. It helps with normal everyday challenges but especially when something extraordinary happens out of the blue. The sunset above was a great place to meditate, basking in the splendour of nature.  An easy way to start is trying guided meditations

Vow Happenings

One of the more humorous occurrences happened during a wedding at The Bridge Club.  The bride changed “for the rest of your life” as she was repeating her vows to ” forever, and forever and forever”. It was a New Year’s Eve wedding and there was a little pre-ceremony celebration going on. I thought well that is close enough and smiled.

In another wedding, the bride finished repeating her vows after me, I turned to the groom and he said: “whatever she just said”. I said, “Oh, no it’s your turn”!

At Duke Gardens, before the wedding, the groom asked me ” Is it too millennial to read your vows from your phone, I left mine at home?” I pulled out my printed copy from the Ceremony book and handed him his vows. I always insist on having a couple of written vows before the ceremony. When the couple gets nervous,   the vows are sometimes forgotten.

Rain Cooperating

I was officiating a wedding at  The Matthews House in downtown Cary when the forecast called for rain. We started as soon as we could in hopes that the outdoor wedding would finish before the rain appeared. As I ended with the Apache Wedding Blessing “and now you will feel no rain for each of you will be shelter to the other” the guests laughed since the rain had been on everyone’s mind. Within minutes after the guests went inside, a deluge of rain appeared. We all felt blessed that the rain held off till the end.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, remain calm and take a breath! Our reality comes from our perception. When something unexpected happens, see it as an opportunity to learn rather than a problem. Your life will become much more fun and joy-filled!



Feb 222019
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Camping Overnight

Even if you have been living together for awhile. marriage brings a new dimension to your relationship. Opening conversations about sensitive subjects such as communication, conflict resolution, sex, finances and spirituality can help build a strong foundation for the next phase of your relationship. Developing skills such as assertive communication and active listening can enhance your relationship.

We often assume that the other person knows what we are thinking or how we feel. Do you always know what your partner is thinking? Probably not, so is it fair to think they know what you are thinking?

How Prepare and Enrich can strengthen your relationship.

There are online individual assessments that you take separately and review with a facilitator to see which areas in your relationship are strong and which areas have room to grow. These are not designed to tell you if you should get married but to open the dialogue on areas you may not have discussed yet. Over 4 million couples have used  Prepare and Enrich to enhance their relationship. Studies have shown relationship improvement in 4 out of 13 areas by taking the assessment alone and improvement in 10 out of 13 areas with feedback from a facilitator either one or one or in virtual sessions.

Marriage Coaching vs. Pre-Marital Counseling?

These assessments are beneficial to couples who are not planning a wedding and to couples who have been married for awhile. Ignoring certain issues does not foster longevity. Building a strong foundation in any phase of your relationship help your chances for a long and happy life together. If you would like more information give me a call or complete an inquiry here: Wedding Ceremonies

Five Love Languages

Another resource is the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman which I found helpful in my own relationship “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman   

This book helps you understand the ways you feel love and the ways your partner may be expressing love to you. Understanding each other’s love language can bring you closer together for many years to come.

Open communication and honesty in any relationship is a priority. Knowing yourself and being authentic is the first step to a healthy relationship.

Nov 252018

We live our lives on auto-pilot much of the time. We forget to let others know how much we love them. We may respect or admire a person and do not compliment them since you assume they know it already. But most people do not realize the positive impact a kind word or deed can have on someone else. 

Brush with Death

Recently I had a brush with death. My son had just returned home and noticed I was slurring my words. When I could not smile he called 911.  I ended up in the emergency room. Four hours later the doctor removed the clot from my brain. I had no known risk factors: very low cholesterol, normal blood pressure and regular exercise.  They found  I  had an irregular heartbeat. In the middle of the night, I had to make a decision whether to have the clot removed.


Between meditating and discussing with my son, we made the decision to do the clot removal. Being able to meditate at a time like this, helped me make a calm decision- there could be serious side effects with or without the surgery.  As I meditated I felt I was gonna make it through the surgery, if not I knew I would my spirit would still be here. While I was in the hospital I meditated again while I was having severe headaches and only given Tylenol to relive it. I saw my Grandmother’s spirit – she suggested a cold compress which helped me tremendously.


I went home three days later symptom-free due to my son’s swift actions. I officiated a wedding one week after leaving the hospital.    I truly appreciated being able to do even the smallest things like taking a shower getting dressed by myself.

This event made me value the time I spend with the people who are important to me. Really listening and giving my full attention to them, instead of doing something else or having my mind on other tasks. 

It took a few weeks to get my heartbeat under control. It was a little scary but I knew my spiritual self would be OK either way. I am truly thankful for the important things in my life: my friends, my family and even nature and good food and wine – all the things that bring joy to my life. I am truly blessed to be able to write this blog today.  My final message to you: don’t wait until you have a brush with death to make the most of every moment. Truly value the people and the things  in your life that give joy in your heart and spirit. 

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Jul 142018

 In December , Eric ( my fiance’) and I went to Arizona and were inundated with majestic views everywhere we looked.  At times , I felt overwhelmed with emotion. The majesty of the Grand Canyon at sunset was breathtaking. We stayed for dinner and had the pleasure of seeing the stars over the Grand Canyon too. Boy what a day! I have always been in love with  trees and water but the desert has its own kind of magic. The photo seen here is from Antelope Canyon- you have to book a tour through the Navajo Indian Reservation

Since that time I have been busy officiating weddings most weekends. I am fortunate that the majority are outside in nature but it is not the same as taking time for yourself without any obligations to others. 

This was truly a rejuvenating trip for our energy and soul. Gratitude comes easy when you are blessed with beauty all around you.


I realized recently how much nature means to me. We had not been on a trip in nature by ourselves for 6 months. That is a long time for us. We traveled to Elkin, NC so I could officiate a wedding at the Barn at Blueberry Hill While in Elkin, wttp://

For more information about wedding officiant :







While in Elkin, we camped at the the the Bryd’s Branch Family Campground http://byrdsbranchcampgroundcom/   

This was our breakfast nook. After running the rehearsal and officiating the wedding, it was relaxing to come back to nature without any commitments. This was time well spent recharging our energy. Another bonus was a waterfall that we  hiked to 1/2 mile away.  













We came back to civilization on Sunday afternoon before our trip home to enjoy a trip to a local winery

We got caught in an unexpected rainstorm. I can think of worse places to be stuck. 









The following weekend I officiated a wedding at Thorndale Oaks in Oxford, NC

This is a beautiful venue an hour north of Cary . It was a wonderful wedding, but it was time to recharge again with nature. Eric and I traveled to Carolina Beach that evening and spent the next two days swimming in the ocean while staying with my child hood friend, Diane. 






It seems after the lengthy  dry spell of very little time in nature since December , we were at  it again for the third  weekend in a row travelling to Spartanburg, SC for Brenda, Eric’s stepmom’s 80th birthday party. We had the fun time staying at her daughter and son in laws’ pond house by ourselves. What a serene place after visiting with family and attending a very large party on Saturday night. Sometimes being around a lot of people can drain your energy. As much as I love socializing, I find the need time to myself in solitude or nature . It recharges my energy and brings me back to a firm foundation with my inner spirit.







We decided to  have a little extra fun in Spartanburg exploring . We found a Rock Bottom Moonshine, where they make their own legal moonshine infused with fruit or charred wood( delicious and smooth)

As well as an authentic Cuban restaurant

Many of us can feel our energy drained after being around some people, as well as others who seem to give us energy.  As I grow spiritually throughout my life, I realize that I have started focusing more of my time with my energy boosting friends. I love all my friends but you have to take care of your own spirit and limit your time with others who do not want to take responsibility for their own happiness. I am always willing to work with others who want to find more joy and happiness  in life if they are willing to take the time and effort for this life-changing spiritual journey

It is a real commitment with desire coming from your soul, to find self-love and happiness in everything  you do. It is a practice with daily steps , but well worth the reward to live a  joy-filled life. Everyone can do, but not everyone is willing to make the change. Your heart and soul will thank you for it. Start by spending more time in nature- it is truly a way to recharge your energy.

Also, taking time to meditate or just quiet your thoughts for a few minutes, can bring peace to a hectic day.  This is something I learned in my 30s and it has been the path I have followed since then. My life is filled with joy, and when I experience negativity in myself, I take time to think of everything I am grateful for. I also remember to talk kind to myself just as I would to my friends and loved ones. I wish you peace, love and joy in your life- you deserve all the happiness you can find!

Jun 022018

Most of us have experienced loss of some kind in our life. When this involves death or divorce it can be extremely difficult to find your way out of the grief. Even though friends and family mean well, some of the things they say sound like a foreign language because they have no idea how you are feeling. Sometimes we feel like we should be over it , but can not seem to move forward with our lives. Other times, we jump into something else without allowing the grieving process to complete itself. I know in my own life, I lost my father at age 19 and my mother at 29. Both were extremely difficult for me.

Until I lost my father, I thought if I worked hard I could have anything I wanted. But this time I had no control over the situation. I was the eternal optimist. I am still very optimistic but gained a little more realism in my view of the world. 

Ten years later, when my mother died four days after entering a coma, I became depressed( very unusual for me) and did not want to socialize or do anything fun. Three months later, her spirit came to me one night and I woke up as my old self. I needed to talk to her and had not been able to before she died. 

Both of these losses were very difficult, but did not uproot my world as much as losing my husband of 17 years, leaving me with a 7 year old son to raise by myself , his business and my full time job.  This loss turned my world upside down. Some friends asked if I was going to move back to my hometown. I thought they had two heads- I was trying to figure how to put one foot in front of the other and keep living.  Four years later , I started a new phase of my life as a single person again. Fifteen years later, my son has graduated college and I am engaged to a wonderful man who I have been dating for seven years.   

The main lesson I learned through these losses was to give myself permission to grieve and not to expect too much too soon from myself. At first we are overwhelmed with what has happened, it doesn’t seem real. Then we start trying to live again and find it difficult to function. We begin thinking about the past and trying to connect to the present. Then we have to discover who we are now , since our previous identity with the significant other is gone. As time progresses we realize this is a new chapter in our life and we have to reinvent ourselves. This can be scary if you have been with someone for a long time. Eventually we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This can be even more difficult with the loss of a spouse with children left behind.

I recently read the book seen above, “Finding Daylight after Loss Shatters Your World, Seven Choices” to help me in my energy work with clients experiencing loss. It was extremely insightful. The best part was letting you know all the weird feelings, emotions and thoughts you experience are totally normal with grief.  I would recommend this book

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk for a few minutes about this

I will be hosting a Guided Meditation ” Living after Loss” on Monday June 18 at 7:30 pm

I would love for you to join me in this group meditation. 

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Apr 012018

Have you lost a loved one and then received a “message ” from them?  This first happened to me three months after my Mother’s death. She became ill and went into a  coma and died four days later. I never got to talk to her and say goodbye. Usually being a very upbeat person, as my friends will tell you, I became depressed when my mother passed away. I didn’t feel like socializing and gained weight by eating too much. Then one night her spirit came to see me. I could see her clothes and where she was sitting. We talked all night about our life together and how much I missed her. The next morning, I was back to my old self. I felt a new energy after connecting with my mother’s spirit.

At the time, I had not been participating in a spiritual practice for 10 years but knew this was something I had to start again. I was working full time, taking 3 classes at NCSU and dancing with the Apple Chill Cloggers in Chapel Hill. So it was four years later when I graduated with my BS in Zoology at the age of 33, that I began searching in earnest for a spiritual practice. 

I met Veronica Vela,, who introduced me to the Course in Miracles and the energy healing practice of Reiki.  I became a Reiki I practitioner and spent the next two years studying the Course in  Miracles   

It changed my life. I began seeing everything in a new way. I paid attention to coincidences, dreams and began meditating. Keeping a journal, helped me grow spiritually over the years.  In  2003, I lost my husband of 17 years suddenly to an aneurysm. The first time I knew his spirit was around, was when my son and I were in the bathroom talking. We were remembering how he would turn out the light to scare us. About that time, the light went out and neither one of us was near the switch. We both knew he was there.

At the time my son was seven and he had told me on many occasions that I should not be sad because his Dad was right there with us. Children often see and feel spirits much more readily than adults. They are open and clear channels to the spiritual plane.

Two times after I began dating his spirit came to me. The first time was with a guy I had started dating in the form of a song, “Mama He’s Crazy” by the Judds. When this song came on in the past, I had always felt I was singing it to my mother to let her know I had found a  good man to marry. SO when is started playing after he passed away, I knew he was telling me to watch out, it might not be a long relationship and he was right.

The next time was again with a new boyfriend and the smoke detector went off in the house for the first time for no reason. I thought to myself, “Okay Sonny ( my husband’s name), I know this is not the best choice but I am lonely. I guess I am OK now because I have been dating the same guy for 7 years and we are engaged. No signals for the spiritual realm yet, YEA!

Since that time, I have lost friends and their spirit came to visit to let me know they were OK. They all wanted me to tell a loved one this. I felt it when I lost a close friend, Jerome, from my clogging days.  Also when Eric, my fiance, lost his father, when I lost my Aunt Melba ( she was like a mother to me), and when Joe, Becky’s husband died. It was always a peaceful feeling and lots of love associated with it. Being open to the spiritual realm, can help ease a loss or help someone else with their grief. 

If you want to become more aware of spiritual messages, I suggest you start a journal, noting all coincidences like the phone call from a friend you were just thinking about, seeing the same number over and over again or to seeing an animal that has a significance to you. Also keeping a record of your dreams and anything else that pops in your mind that might be related to spirit. One of the best ways to get started is to begin a daily meditation practice. If you need help with this please contact me and I will point you in the right direction

Your life will expand in ways you can not imagine when you connect to your spiritual center. It beings clarity in decisions, as well as peace in troubling times. My decision to begin a spiritual practice is absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made!


Mar 102018

We all have some fond memories from our past as well as some we would like to forget. In our life there will be times when things happen that you don’t expect. You have to decide whether to dwell on them or look at this as a new opportunity in your life. Fifteen years ago, I lost my husband of 17 years suddenly to an aneurysm. My son was seven years old at the time, I had a full time job and just inherited my husband’s business. I was totally overwhelmed. Thanks to kind hearts of my sister, Connie, and my friends, Annette, Debbie, Linda and Dawn I was able to get through the first month of swinging emotions. 

The next two years were a re-definition of who I was as a widow with a small child. I knew in my heart by the end of three years, I had to move back home to the Raleigh area. Downsizing was imperative, since I was retiring and coming to a more expensive area. I left my 1900 sq foot home with a yard and attic to move into a 1200 sq ft town-home without either. I gave away, sold or threw away one half of everything I owned. I could not  believe how much energy was flowing through my home of 18 years after I did that. I honestly hesitated to move because I had such a spacious home now! 






When I moved to Cary, I began a new chapter in my life at the age of 54. I started a home based business, began networking and trying many other new things. I had spent the last 35 years in a clinical lab where everything tightly controlled. This was way outside my comfort zone.  

Four years later, I was hit with auto-immune arthritis and began walking with a cane until I could have my knees replaced. My spiritual path opened back up to deal with the pain. I had begun studying Reiki in 1987 with Veronica  Vela, knew it was time to make another change.  I progressed to a Reiki Master and also studied Trinity Energy Progression with Angel Coulter

After becoming an Ordained Minister( in NC to touch a person you must be ordained or have a massage license, etc) to open an energy healing business. Shortly there after I began officiating weddings. Another BIG step outside my comfort zone, since I do not like to talk in public.  I can honestly say, that this point in my life , the weddings have been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. 

By letting go of my past and my definition of who I was, I was able to move to another area and begin a  new career  that is full of fun and excitement.

Many times, we almost have to reach a low level in our life to make a change. It is almost like the Universe is giving us a kick in the butt  to go out there and  try something new. When changes in your life come, embrace them and try to find a positive aspect in what is happening. Our life is defined by how we handle change. We can either stay stuck in the past or go boldly into our future. I know in my heart that moving forward is where our soul wants to go. This life is a spiritual journey – our bodies are just the  vehicles to get there. Don’t look back on life and think “What if”? Take the bull by the horns and create your new life!

If you want to discuss how to do this, contact me by phone or email and we can get you started on your new path!

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Jan 312018

I had the honor to officiate a “Celebration of Life”  for Dot Hussey, my brother-in-law’s mother, this past week.  She was 93 years old, but what life she lived. She married her sweetheart from junior high and lived in California and North Carolina for most of her life. When her husband died, she moved to Greensboro in her 60s to be near her sister after working for over 30 years in the insurance business. Dot started a new career working part-time at the Auto Auction until she was 88. She then moved to Wake Forest to a retirement home, but consistently broke the speed limit with her mobility scooter. She ran it full out as fast as it would go. Dot believed in using your body up before it was time to leave for the spiritual plane and she did just that. This saying was one of Dot’s favorites and fit her to a tee, from Hunter S. Thompson::

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke thoroughly used up , totally worn out and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”


I believe that we are responsible for our happiness in life. In all areas of our life, we are either changing and growing or becoming stagnant and declining. This life is so precious that we should spend every minute of it finding our joy through work, family, relationships, and health. As we age we see others become less active around us and some even die early. The only thing I fear is the regret of not doing something I wanted to in my life. 

I always wanted to have a child, but I was 42 before my son was born. Many of our friends thought we were a little crazy to have a child at that age but he kept us young.

In my 50’s I was hit with auto-immune arthritis and had a double knee replacement. Six months later, I was white water rafting on Class 5 rapids in West Virginia.  Now my friends really thought I had lost my mind. My philosophy was why have the surgery if I could not do the things I wanted to do?

Many of us dream about the life we would like to lead, but simply don’t take the first step. Instead of saying “I can’t”, say “what if I did”?  Life consists of many small steps, taking the first one makes all the others easier. These fears don’t just pertain to adventure but also to emotional risk and fear of what others will think. 

I spent 35 years in biochemistry and public health laboratories.  In my 60s I decided to change careers and start an energy healing business from the encouragement of my spiritual mentors, Angela Coulter, and Veronica Vela,

 I came out of  the “Spiritual Closet” and became an ordained minister

I soon began marrying couples in the community and found a new passion that I would never have believed possible. I truly feel connected to the couples that I  meet and feel honored to marry them.

I am not sure what new phase of my life will occur in my 70s, but I hope it is as much fun as the others I have tried so far. One thing is for sure, I am always looking for something new to learn or do. After all, that is what makes life interesting. If you want to open up to your intuition and explore all the  possibilities waiting for you,  contact me at

Jan 052018

The Grand Canyon in Arizona has been on my bucket list forever. There is something about such a dramatic view of the earth that has always captured my attention. When Eric and I got engaged in South Carolina during the total eclipse of the sun this year, we did not expect a trip to go along with it.  His Step-mom, Brenda Lytle, and her good friend, Daisy, offered us a timeshare in Sedona, Arizona to be used by the end of the year. I was excited because I knew Sedona is known to have many energy vortexes. “These vortexes are swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the surface of the earth. ”

I could feel an energy shift when sitting on top of Airport Mesa  (photo below) and Bell Rock, two of the energy vortexes in Sedona. It is difficult to explain, but my emotions seemed to be just below the surface rather than tucked away as in a normal day.




When I discovered the Grand Canyon was only 2 hours away I was ecstatic.  Eric and I drove to the South Rim on Tuesday and I felt the true meaning of wonderment. 

Wonderment is the “rapt attention and deep emotion caused by the sight of something extraordinary”. It was one of the times in my life, where I could see the “big picture” of life.  Often all we think about is our own life. When you see the majesty of the Grand Canyon, you realize that your life is a small part of the whole universe.  We are all connected energetically with each other and the earth- part of the grand scheme of things.  I had to catch my breath beholding the beauty of this natural wonder.  We stayed for dinner at the Arizona Room eating a wonderful meal. Afterwards, we were walking back to our car and saw another wonderment of nature. The sky was filled with brilliant stars and we could see all the constellations there. The visual displays that day were a treat for my eyes. 

Eric and I also traveled to the western rim of the Grand Canyon in a van and were able to sit by the Colorado River (normal take out place for rafters. ) This was a real treat since we had not scheduled a trip down to the bottom ahead of time. Usually, you have to walk or ride a donkey.









One of the most fabulous natural “eye candy” spots we saw was Antelope Canyon. It is on Navajo Land and you must go with a Navajo guide They want to preserve the canyon as it was created by water and wind.  The first photo in the blog with Eric and I looking up into the light is also from Antelope Canyon. 








Just before  Antelope Canyon, you go by Horseshoe Bend – once I saw the photo online, I knew we had to go.

After driving to the Grand Canyon, 5 hours round trip, I was not sure  Eric wanted to go. But after talking to several people in Sedona, he decided the 6 hour round trip was worth it since we would see Antelope Canyon as well. It was well worth the drive  

Horseshoe Bend is a true marvel of nature.

This is a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. Not only is a  feast for the eyes,  it is truly a spiritual journey. If you ever doubted the magnificence of the universe, a trip to Arizona will quell all your doubts. The connection to the earth helps you feel grounded and part of this wonderful creation.  If you want to start your spiritual journey with daily meditations, let me know I can help you get started