Aug 192014

I usually make several New Year’s resolutions or Mid Year’s resolutions and succeed with a few. This year I made one resolution to encompass all the areas I would like to improve: ” to love myself more”.

By taking time to connect with yourself each day through meditation ,  you release all the mind chatter and get grounded for the day. You know that whatever happens,you can handle as long as  you stay connected to your spiritual center or “core”. When something comes up unexpectedly, breathe and pause to think “Does this really change who I am?” The answer is always no.  You realize that  everyone is dealing with their own spiritual path and their actions are coming from their perception of the situation.  It really is “all about them” and you  just happen to be there to reflect back to them what they need to see at the time.

Taking time for  your health is one of the most unselfish actions you can do. By exercising on a daily basis, eating food that fuels your body and relaxing for short breaks  you will be at  your optimum self. This enables you to be there with more focus for your children, your partner, your friends or your work. If you neglect yourself , you will not have the energy to share your fully present self with others .

Reflecting on what makes you thrive is a way to find what  you can offer the world. We all have passions and talents that others can see sometimes before we can.  What would you like to see changed in the world? What solutions do others seek from you even without you offering ? What pulls at your heart when you  hear or see it? Following a path that inspires you every day,  even without knowing how you will arrive, can lead to wealth. Knowing this path and believing in yourself really does make “dreams come true”

Make the resolution to love yourself more by getting in touch with your spiritual center, finding your passion and talent and spending time taking care of this wonderful body you have been given. These three actions, taken on a daily basis,  can lead to peace, health and wealth.

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