Oct 192013

I have been keeping a log of my dreams for the past five years. Over time, I have become better about recording  them every morning.  I have seen common themes recently of natural disasters and fear in the society.  I have also seen unusual tasks that seem incomprehensible and many loved ones that have left the earthly form.   What is so great about dreams , is they can serve as a guide for our meditations.  I also use Trinity Energy Progression to understand my dreams.

Over the last month, I have been shown that most of the fear and disasters we think about dwell solely  in our minds. Living  in the “what if” only increases fear and serves no true purpose.  Recently I saw roads and railroads being destroyed between the East and West coast of America to cause panic.  I also saw buildings being toppled over in a steady stream in large cities.  When meditating on this dream, I saw this as an analogy to fear in most people’s minds but not a true prediction of upcoming events.   I knew that living from gratitude and positive thoughts would assuage the fear and allow us to return to a peaceful mindset.

I have had many dreams of traveling and working at many places.  There is a common theme of not being able to finish the jobs or the jobs being impossible to complete.  As you know many dreams have you as the hero.  This happens on most occasions with me solving the problem.  When meditating in this type dream, I have been shown that anything is possible when working from the heart, not from fear of unknown or from retreating from seemingly insurmountable odds.

I have also had dreams of people that I have not seen in quite a while.  I will meditate the next day and realize I need to contact them.  They are always surprised at the coincidence of me calling them when they have been thinking of me.  I assure them it is no coincidence.  We are all truly connected if we only listen to our inner guidance. There is always a reason we need to talk once the contact has been made.

Another recurring pattern to my dreams  is the appearance of people that have left their physical form for the spiritual world.  I have had frequent dreams in the past of my mother, father, grandmother and husband who have left, but recently I have dreamed of an aunt and a childhood friend who have also left this plane.  When meditating, I  know they are there to support me and let me know everything is OK with them.  They assure me that they are always there if I need them.  What  comforting thoughts from  the dream state.

These dreams and the subsequent energy work to understand them, has allowed me to become free from fear of embarking on this new journey in my life with energy work.  Take time to record your dreams and meditate to understand them.  It is time well spent even if you only have a few minutes each day to do this.  You will become more proficient at understanding them and may realize that your day is more peaceful.  If you need help getting started, contact me. I can give you a few pointers or work with you one on one. The few minutes you spend connecting to your spiritual self is always worth it!


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