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RapidsDo you ever want to do something but stop in your tracks due to fear?  My first experience with letting excitement trump fear was years ago in my first white water rafting trip.  I had never been a daredevil but decided to sit in the front seat for a Class 5 rapid.  I experienced butterflies in my stomach,  but also a fantastic connection to the awesome power of the river.

Excitement trumping fear became apparent to me many years later,when my 13 year old son wrote and delivered a mediation at our church for 300 people.  I asked if he was nervous and he stated” I decided I could be nervous or excited and made the decision to be excited”.

Everything in life begins with a choice.  All the small choices we make each day  lead us closer to a fulfilled life or to a life with limits.  Our path follows the direction of those decisions.  Connecting to your inner strength or “spiritual core” allows you to eliminate the fear and go for what you really desire.

Fears from your past can limit your experiences.  I have always been afraid of heights. In the last few years, I went zip lining  and hot air ballooning in NC.  I had to reach inside for the courage to do this, but realized the fear was in my mind. Both adventures were packed with safety devices. It felt good to do something I thought I never would be able to do, even though I still had “butterflies”.

Relationships are affected by fear.  They can become stagnant when you are afraid  to show your venerability.  True connection with others comes from allowing the other person to see the ” real you”.  Fear of showing your innermost thoughts are a concern to many people, but all of us have thoughts that are more universal than you think.  If you come from your heart and say what you feel without concern about the response, it is immensely freeing.  Being your authentic self when sharing your feelings requires courage, but also liberates the other person to do the same

Staying in a job that is safe and comfortable, but not challenging is another form of fear.  Worries about retirement, finances and benefits are often blocks to change.  There are valid concerns but looking at other possibilities can open your world to excitement in your everyday life.  If you wake up every day with dread to go to work, your quality of life is truly affected.  Keep yourself open to  these possibilities.  Focus on the things you really want and see how often these appear in your life.  It is very surprising to find what you focus on,  seems to materialize out of nowhere.

It’s your choice: excitement or fear; limits or limitlessness; joy or dread.  It’s time to choose, do so with a belief in yourself!

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