May 082016


Looking at nature under the sea, just takes my breath away. The beautiful colors of the fish and the serenity of being in water without the everyday noises on land is so surreal.

I have always felt peace in water and used it as a form of mediation when I was upset and could not find answers to challenges I was facing. I remember doing this all through my early adulthood. When I was 50 years old, my husband passed away suddenly, and all I could think about was getting in the water. A friend picked me up the next day and took me to the pool. I remember crying in the water but also feeling relief from the constant worry of raising an 8 year old and running my husband’s business along with my full-time job. I knew if I could get to the water , it would help calm me down. It was such a strong calling that I could not ignore it. I wonder sometimes if we feel at home in water because we came from a fluid environment inside our mother’s womb?

In April, I went snorkeling off the coast of Key West along the reef. The leather coral with long looking “fingers’ seemed to be like a hand reaching upward to the sky . The sea fan coral reminded me of a tree with branches and leaves swaying in the wind. It is amazing how wonderful nature is. The waves of the ocean and the breeze of the land seem so similar , all going in the natural rhythm and flow of the earth. Nature shows us a life force displaying so much synchronicity, ┬áthat we can see the perfect “fit” of everything around us if we take the time to look and listen. Connecting with nature on land or water is a truly magnificent way to experience the spiritual life force connecting all of us in the “Oneness”.