Nov 292015

sailingAll our life we are taught to work hard in order to enjoy life. This is the way I lived for many years. Recently. Eric and I   had been out of town for a wedding in Washington, DC and for a fun filled weekend at Smith Mountain Lake including skiing, wake surfing and great company. We decided to stay home Labor Day Weekend and get some work done in the office and around the house. I had plans to catch up on my business emails and do some studying for my investments in the market. We usually do not travel on Holiday weekends due to all the traffic and crowds. It was all settled until I saw a post on Face Book Friday around noon asking for crew hands to sail to Cape Lookout for an overnight trip on a 40 ft sail boat with a friend of mine.

I debated whether to call Eric since we had planned a work weekend. But I am a true nature girl at heart. There is something about trees and water that feed my spiritual center more than almost anything on earth. I feel that I am communicating with nature whenever I am near them. It brings me such peace.  I know I can face anything in my life with this serenity. The Open Water was beckoning so strongly that I lost my resolve.

Before I knew it, I was on the phone, saying “How would you like to go sailing to Cape Lookout on a 40 ft sailboat for an overnight trip”?  For anyone who knows my boyfriend, Eric, they would know the answer was yes. He works hard all the time, but if an adventure arises, he is hard pressed to say no. That is one of our strong bonds, our love for a new adventure! I contacted, my friend, Kevin Synder, and said he had 2 crew members ready to go.

We sailed from Oriental, NC to Beaufort, NC then on to Cape Lookout at Core Banks. We took a dingy to Core Banks and walked around that afternoon.The next day we took the dingy over and crossed to the beach side. Can you imagine a beach on Labor Day Sunday all to yourself? Eric and I waked and swam without another soul on the beach. I thought I was in heaven. What a truly magnificent experience.

We headed back that day the same route in reverse, sailing to Beaufort then Oriental. My soul was nourished and I felt like I was on top of the world.

Sometimes you have to decide what is it that you truly want in life and go for it. We become so socialized and used to doing the “right thing” that we miss opportunities that arise. Everyone knows it takes discipline to achieve many things,  but we also have to realize that our spiritual self has to be “fed” to live a Whole Life Experience . So my question to you is, will you go when Open Water Beckons?