Nov 222015


In the last 4 years I have had 2 major surgeries.

I spent 15 years with the Apple Chill Cloggers from Chapel Hill, NC dancing all over Europe in International Folk Festivals as well dancing here in NC and surrounding states. I would not trade it for anything, but clogging can be very demanding on your knee joints especially if you keep dancing into your 40’s, which I did.

Four years ago I was struck with an auto-immune arthritis and could not walk to the bathroom one morning, after walking the night before. I was in the care of an orthopedic surgeon , who tried the conventional treatments for one month. During this time I could not sleep or walk without a cane. I am a very active person , so I became depressed partly because of no sleep but also because of my limited mobility.

Two of my spiritual friends suggested guided meditations. I thought to myself, I have been meditating for more than 20 years. I tried it and called my friend thinking something was wrong.I had never felt this way when meditating.  My head started bobbing and I was crying . Angela Coulter, my friend, said that is great , it means you are releasing some of the pain. I began the practice of meditation daily for the next 5 months until I had double knee replacement surgery. I continued afterwards to help ease the pain during physical therapy . I have continued this practice daily since then.

Three years later , I started my energy healing business to help others with physical, emotional,or mental issues. It has truly been rewarding.

Recently, I went for an endoscopy and found there was a problem.  At first the doctor thought it was acid re-flux, which I found hard to believe since I teach and follow an alkaline diet to reduce inflammation in the body. A few days later a barium swallow showed my stomach had moved into my chest through a large hole in my diaphragm. I needed to have elective surgery soon because this could be life-threatening if it became an emergency. The day I went to the first surgeon, I was very scared. He told me all the risks and I wondered if I would leave my only son without his last parent.

I made up my mind that I would do what I could for a good outcome. I had to wait 7 weeks  to get a medicine I take for arthritis out of my system before the surgery. I got a second opinion and felt much more calm. I also did my energy work visualizing my stomach sliding out of my chest easily .

I saw myself happy and healed but I also knew that I could handle anything in my true inner divine consciousness , even going to another plane of existence.

I am happy to report the surgery went extremely well. My doctor was surprised the stomach came down so easily , since it was wedged between my heart, lungs and aorta. He said most people’s stomachs are more stuck and they only have a small percent in their chest, mine was 100% in my chest.

After the surgery , I spent the whole afternoon and evening in a gratitude prayer for my doctors, my family, my friends and for life itself. When true obstacles come in your life, you realize that the relationships you have are the most important thing. There is always a silver lining and mine was this feeling of gratitude and being fully alive.

I found that you have to rely on conventional Western medicine for some health issues , but Energy Healing certainly helps with physical issues including positive outcomes. I am truly thankful to all my spiritual mentors, especially, Angela Coulter and Veronica Vela , who have guided me over the years to a true place of peace and unconditional love.