Sep 292014

Disney 2014  I have always been skeptical about spending 4 days at Disney World. I know people love to go but it seemed way too expensive.  Recently I was able to go for 4 days with a special discount and stayed at Fort Wilderness for less than $60 per day (AAA discount) which included free parking, free Fast Pass, unlimited transportation to all 4 Disney parks and a swimming pool and hot tub within walking distance.

The thing I noticed the most, as I walked around, were families truly interacting with each other in loving ways.  I talked to several families who had been coming for years, every year, sometimes more than once a year.  The most common reason was everything worked and everyone was so nice.  I saw joy on the faces of kids, moms, dads and heard unbridled laughter.   I wondered what was so special?

After searching for an answer, it seemed to be the creativity and imagination present everywhere.  It made everyone feel like a kid and believe anything is possible.  When we open our minds and hearts to possibilities, magic happens, joy pervades our soul and laughter is spontaneous.  Joy lends itself to interactions with a loving heart.   All the worries and frustrations melt, and the world seems wonderful again.

Creativity and imagination are the true essence of our “spiritual core”.  It opens us up to connections with everyone and everything in the universe.   We are all connected, but many seem to have lost their way.  By opening up to the “creative flow” of the universe, all areas of your life expands: emotionally, spiritually, physicality and financially.  When you really believe anything is possible in your heart, it is!

Let your creativity and imagination run wild, who cares what anyone else thinks?  The only person you are sure to be with to the very end is yourself , so lighten up, breathe , and dream again.  It feels real good, I am confident that you will agree!