Oct 202014

photo (23)There is something about water in nature , that makes you stop and wonder at the beauty of our world.  Recently on a trip to Freeport , Bahamas, we were able to snorkel for several hours at Paradise Cove on Deadman’s Reef.  The brilliant colors of the fish created a sense of awe.  It is thrilling to see some of the  most  dramatic  colors in nature under the sea.  The coral reefs also display such a diverse beauty in shape, size and color.

Being in a place with no outside sound and essentially alone with your thoughts and feelings provides a perfect place to connect with your “spiritual center or inner core”.  In the medium of water, doubts, fears and frustration seem so far away. The splendor of the undersea world make worries seem drab in comparison. It allows you to feel free and expansive without the outside stimuli calling you back to the “real world”.  Like meditation,  your thoughts run through the mind without emotions being tied to them.  It allows you to be the outside observer and realize that thoughts are just a small part of the real you.

We get so carried away with everyday life, we forget to stop and appreciate what is around us.  The beauty of nature reminds us there is more to this life than duties, chores, and obligations.  Our connection to each other  is easy to see when spending time in nature.  There is life all around us that we hardly notice in our busy lives.  Realizing this connection can release fear, anger, guilt, and jealousy.  It allows us to see that we are perfect and essentially all made of the same  “energy “.  It gives us the ability to forgive ourselves and others and to live the fullest life we can imagine.