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Feeling stuck in a rut? Changing jobs, relationships or location? Experiencing chronic pain or illness that doesn’t seem to improve? An energy healing session may benefit you. Energy healing is based on the theory that we are all made of energy. Sometimes the energy in our body can become congested or misaligned leading to pain, illness, confusion or a feeling that something is lacking in our life. Energy practitioners may be able to help. The practitioner serves as a guide to your energetic system and can assist you in removing energy blocks , thus allowing the energy to flow more freely in the body. This same concept is used in acupuncture and acupressure, more well known forms of energy healing. 

Here are some times in your life when you might want to try energy healing:

If you are feeling confused when trying to make decisions or stuck in a rut and  can not seem to get a clear answer, then an energy practitioner may be able to help you connect with your spiritual energy center.  You could determine what you truly want and what is in your best interest, by releasing  congestion in your energy fields caused by an overflow of information. Four years after the sudden death of my husband , I was feeling stuck and need to make a life change. Using Reiki, a type of energy healing, I was able to connect to my spiritual center and make a decision to move back to my home town. It was a big leap, since I would have to retire and bring my 12 year old son with me. But I knew intuitively it was the one of the most important decisions that would enhance our lives for the future. 

Have you had a trauma recently or even in your childhood?  The death of a loved one, or something in our childhood that made you feel unworthy? Many times emotional issues can cause energy stagnation in the body and it is hard to move forward without releasing the energy associated with the trauma. Our emotions not only affect our mind and body but also our spirit and energy fields. My mother died after entering a coma when I was 29 years old. After being depressed for 3 months, her spirit came to visit me while I was sleeping. The next day after talking to her ” spiritual body” all night, I felt like a new person. I regained my joy of life and starting going out and seeing friends again. The connection with my spiritual center allowed me to see her and release the emotional loss of not speaking to her before her death. 

Surgery , serious injury or illness can cause the energy system in our body to go out of whack.  Energy healing has helped me many times with chronic pain, surgery or a serious health condition. I experienced a sudden onset of auto-immune arthritis 6 years ago, waking up and not being able to walk by myself. After 4 weeks of constant pain, a friend shared a guided meditation with me by email. I thought I was practicing my meditations, but I was not going deep enough to help the pain. All of a sudden I started bawling with my head bobbing up and down and felt the pain significantly decrease. I realized the power of a connection with the universal life force once again. The energy work I did on myself also helped me recover from a double knee replacement and go white water rafting 6 months later. 

Changing jobs or relationships can cause inner confusion. Asking your inner guide , your intuitive self, for guidance will help make the path more clear when in a transition. When leaving clinical lab after 35 years, I knew I needed a big life change. I again spent time in meditation and connecting spiritually to my core to decide what was my best path. I began working with a Vegan skin care and nutrition company. This in turn introduced me to many new people who have become long time friends.

I then  became a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner allowing me the courage to step out of the “Spiritual Closet” and begin my energy healing business as well as officiating weddings.  This new phase of my life has enriched it more than I can express. I feel such a wonderful connection with my clients and wedding couples and know this is what I was meant to do with my life. It took me many years to find my new direction, but with the help of energy healing  I found it!!

Beginning a meditation or yoga practice can also help you connect to your intuitive self. Done on a daily basis, mediation gives insight in many areas of your life. A weekly Yoga practice is great for the intuition as well as the body. 

Any time you need a jump start on life, give energy healing a try.  It may seem like  something foreign to you. but we are all divine beings and it is our birthright to connect to our inner guidance and experience a limitless life filled with joy!


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