Feb 222019
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Even if you have been living together for awhile. marriage brings a new dimension to your relationship. Opening conversations about sensitive subjects such as communication, conflict resolution, sex, finances and spirituality can help build a strong foundation for the next phase of your relationship. Developing skills such as assertive communication and active listening can enhance your relationship.

We often assume that the other person knows what we are thinking or how we feel. Do you always know what your partner is thinking? Probably not, so is it fair to think they know what you are thinking?

How Prepare and Enrich can strengthen your relationship.

There are online individual assessments that you take separately and review with a facilitator to see which areas in your relationship are strong and which areas have room to grow. These are not designed to tell you if you should get married but to open the dialogue on areas you may not have discussed yet. Over 4 million couples have used  Prepare and Enrich to enhance their relationship. Studies have shown relationship improvement in 4 out of 13 areas by taking the assessment alone and improvement in 10 out of 13 areas with feedback from a facilitator either one or one or in virtual sessions.

Marriage Coaching vs. Pre-Marital Counseling?

These assessments are beneficial to couples who are not planning a wedding and to couples who have been married for awhile. Ignoring certain issues does not foster longevity. Building a strong foundation in any phase of your relationship help your chances for a long and happy life together. If you would like more information give me a call or complete an inquiry here: Wedding Ceremonies

Five Love Languages

Another resource is the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman which I found helpful in my own relationship “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman   

This book helps you understand the ways you feel love and the ways your partner may be expressing love to you. Understanding each other’s love language can bring you closer together for many years to come.

Open communication and honesty in any relationship is a priority. Knowing yourself and being authentic is the first step to a healthy relationship.