May 022017


Feeling stuck in a rut? Changing jobs, relationships or location? Experiencing chronic pain or illness that doesn’t seem to improve? An energy healing session may benefit you. Energy healing is based on the theory that we are all made of energy. Sometimes the energy in our body can become congested or misaligned leading to pain, illness, confusion or a feeling that something is lacking in our life. Energy practitioners may be able to help. The practitioner serves as a guide to your energetic system and can assist you in removing energy blocks , thus allowing the energy to flow more freely in the body. This same concept is used in acupuncture and acupressure, more well known forms of energy healing. 

Here are some times in your life when you might want to try energy healing:

If you are feeling confused when trying to make decisions or stuck in a rut and  can not seem to get a clear answer, then an energy practitioner may be able to help you connect with your spiritual energy center.  You could determine what you truly want and what is in your best interest, by releasing  congestion in your energy fields caused by an overflow of information. Four years after the sudden death of my husband , I was feeling stuck and need to make a life change. Using Reiki, a type of energy healing, I was able to connect to my spiritual center and make a decision to move back to my home town. It was a big leap, since I would have to retire and bring my 12 year old son with me. But I knew intuitively it was the one of the most important decisions that would enhance our lives for the future. 

Have you had a trauma recently or even in your childhood?  The death of a loved one, or something in our childhood that made you feel unworthy? Many times emotional issues can cause energy stagnation in the body and it is hard to move forward without releasing the energy associated with the trauma. Our emotions not only affect our mind and body but also our spirit and energy fields. My mother died after entering a coma when I was 29 years old. After being depressed for 3 months, her spirit came to visit me while I was sleeping. The next day after talking to her ” spiritual body” all night, I felt like a new person. I regained my joy of life and starting going out and seeing friends again. The connection with my spiritual center allowed me to see her and release the emotional loss of not speaking to her before her death. 

Surgery , serious injury or illness can cause the energy system in our body to go out of whack.  Energy healing has helped me many times with chronic pain, surgery or a serious health condition. I experienced a sudden onset of auto-immune arthritis 6 years ago, waking up and not being able to walk by myself. After 4 weeks of constant pain, a friend shared a guided meditation with me by email. I thought I was practicing my meditations, but I was not going deep enough to help the pain. All of a sudden I started bawling with my head bobbing up and down and felt the pain significantly decrease. I realized the power of a connection with the universal life force once again. The energy work I did on myself also helped me recover from a double knee replacement and go white water rafting 6 months later. 

Changing jobs or relationships can cause inner confusion. Asking your inner guide , your intuitive self, for guidance will help make the path more clear when in a transition. When leaving clinical lab after 35 years, I knew I needed a big life change. I again spent time in meditation and connecting spiritually to my core to decide what was my best path. I began working with a Vegan skin care and nutrition company. This in turn introduced me to many new people who have become long time friends.

I then  became a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner allowing me the courage to step out of the “Spiritual Closet” and begin my energy healing business as well as officiating weddings.  This new phase of my life has enriched it more than I can express. I feel such a wonderful connection with my clients and wedding couples and know this is what I was meant to do with my life. It took me many years to find my new direction, but with the help of energy healing  I found it!!

Beginning a meditation or yoga practice can also help you connect to your intuitive self. Done on a daily basis, mediation gives insight in many areas of your life. A weekly Yoga practice is great for the intuition as well as the body. 

Any time you need a jump start on life, give energy healing a try.  It may seem like  something foreign to you. but we are all divine beings and it is our birthright to connect to our inner guidance and experience a limitless life filled with joy!


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Mar 112017

Which love language speaks to you:  words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, or physical touch? These love languages are from the book “The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts” by Gary Chapman. Learning your own love language and the one of your partner can be key to feeling loved and appreciated in your relationship.

Do you feel loved when someone says “I love you” or compliments you on how wonderful you are? Many of us need verbal messages to feel appreciated from our partner. This may be what we experienced growing up or have felt was a show of love from others or from we have seen in the media.

Do you feel loved when someone takes time out of their schedule to do quality activities together? It could be dinner, a movie, hiking, boating ,etc.  You may feel that you are truly close to the person when engaged in an activity that you enjoy, especially if it is not their “cup of tea”. By their willingness to do something you enjoy, it sends a message that you are important and they are want to see you happy.

When you receive a gift , without a special occasion, does it make you feel closer to your partner? It is a welcome surprise to realize you are being thought of in the moment and not just out of a social obligation for a birthday, anniversary or holiday .

Recently , my partner, Eric, spent a whole week in between his regular job as an electrician , to place new laminate floors in my home. His “act of service” was a truly generous gift.  It taxed him physically and mentally since he had to juggle his other jobs to do this. This was one of the most loving things I have experienced. I realize that this type of love language is how he shows his feelings. In the past, I have not always appreciated this, but after reading the “Five Love Languages” I found that love can be expressed in many ways. After taking the “love quiz” in the book, I discovered that is how I show love also. I am a nurturer with my partner even sometimes too much. I take time to prepare healthy food and to assure he is eating well. I also try to do errands for him whenever his schedule is hectic.

Does a hug or kiss make you feel loved? I am talking about affection, not sex. The physical touching by another person is something we all crave. There is a saying by Virginia Satir, a respected family therapist, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.” I totally agree with her. Some people are not used to physical touch and it is difficult for them to express their feelings this way. To others  it is as natural as breathing. I come from a family of huggers. All my friends know that hugging is something I do automatically without thinking. This is one of the ways I feel loved. I realize that sometimes I need to initiate this since my partner can not always “read my mind”.

In the “Five Love Languages”, Gary Chapman says to keep love alive you need to understand how your partner feels loved and try to express it in that manner. One way to tell is how your partner shows love to you. Usually the way a person expresses love is the way that they feel loved themselves.

A simple exercise to discover this is for both  of you write a list of the 5 ways your partner shows love to you. It can be providing financial support, taking care of the kids, sending  flowers, hugging every day , going to theater or saying “I love you” when you are least expecting it.

Now try expressing love to them in the same manner they show their love for you. It may not seem natural, but it can make a big difference in your relationship. To love another unconditionally  is a true joy. It is your choice to keep this joy in your life by letting them know how much you care in a way that they understand.

This blog is dedicated to Eric Lytle, to show my true appreciation for all you do by your “acts of service”.  And for helping me realize there is more than one way  to show love. For more information concerning wedding ceremonies : .  Please contact me if you would like to discuss ways to enhance your relationships:


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Jan 082017

Wil, my son, and I met Tag when he was 4 months old. He was a rescue in need of rescue. Marty and Carol found him outside and knew he was not safe. They brought him into their home but their older dog did not like the new pup. I was hesitant at first but he was so sweet and I was assured he would not get past 35 pounds. I should have looked at his paws , they were already huge, but common sense went out the window when we looked into his beautiful brown “cow ” eyes. He proceeded to grow into a an 85 pound black lab.

He was a joy in our home since Wil’s Dad had passed away almost 2 years before, we felt the empty space was filling up again. He was so loving and followed us everywhere-hence the name Tag for tag along. One day a few months after he came to us, Wil and I jumped when we heard this loud , deep bark! He has never barked before but a friend came to the door and Tag was alerting us.  His whole 12 years of life , we never heard him bark unless someone was coming in our house.

Tag always greeted each guest at the door, many times a little too enthusiastically, wanting to jump up and give them a kiss- from 85 pounds of muscle! He would even moan at the door when my boyfriend , Eric , was outside. Everyone that entered our home felt special. Tag would give them his undivided attention and of course they petted  him for being so loving. One time my friend, Linda, came over and I had to restrain him since he was so excited . When I let him go, he flew across the room and proceeded to try to kiss on love on her so much we almost fell over laughing.

He was full of energy. When he was younger, we had to stand guard on the door. The minute it opened he would fly outside and take a run through the woods. I felt my heart stop when he took off down Ash St in Goldsboro with lots of traffic. He seemed to have a special protection even when crossing Maynard Rd in Cary – a busy four lane road. He did slow down and not take off in his older years, but even this past Thanksgiving , when we took him to my cousin’s house in the woods, he took off again! He loved to sniff more than any dog I have seen, thus his nickname “hound dog”.

But at heart he was a true part of our family. If I let him outside on a lead, he wanted to come back in and be with his “family”. He was always there when Wil or I needed some cheering up or a friend to tell our troubles to. Even if we were in a bad mood, he would wait patiently until it passed. He always made you feel that everything would be OK, with his loving eyes.

I realized even in his last 6 weeks, he was looking after us. He started acting lethargic and not eating about once every week or two. I did not think it was serious since the vet said at his last exam he had the body of a 6 year old. His blood work was terrific with everything in normal range  within the last month.  He was so strong , it took two people to cut his toenails. The week before he left this earthly plane, he almost dragged me across the parking  lot with a  harness on to see another dog. He never once acted ugly to another dog, unless they were doing the “hump” thing, and he let them know it was not OK.

But we had started thinking about him not being here with us forever with these episodes of lethargy , preparing us in advance. The day before he died, he jumped up on my tall bed and even pulled me to keep walking when we got back home. I am so thankful that he only felt an hour of discomfort before he left. He took him to the vet, but it was so quick there was nothing  they could do. He even spared us the pain of making a choice about his death.

I still see him out of the corner of my eye when I am in the house. I find myself trying to give him a food scrap since he loved the tidbits so much. I saw him in the clouds a few days after he left, running through the woods at full speed. I thought now you can run all you want to ! He taught Wil and I a lot about unconditional love and gave us much joy and peace over his 12 years of life here on earth. We thought we were rescuing him but I think he was rescuing us.  I am passing on all his food, supplements and items to another rescue group. Rescue dogs are so full of love and we were honored to have one in our life for so many years. Here is to you, Tag, may you run wild and free forever. ( Tag left to go to the spiritual plane on 12-28-16).


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Dec 242016

Are you putting off  meditating because you think you have to sit in a lotus position and not have any thoughts at all?

Meditation can come in many forms. The purpose is to let go of the constant stream of thoughts that inhabits our brain all day long. The thoughts will still come and go but as I say in my guided meditations, it is OK to think about going to the grocery store, but don’t engage in that thought and start making a list. Calming your thoughts to enter the Alpha state , a deep, relaxed state, is beneficial in so many ways. It reduces stress, increases performance, improves memory and concentration, boosts immunity, and enhances creativity.

Visual, musical, or written artists seem to tap into this state when creating their art.  Many will say that the art just comes to them as a flow from outside themselves. This seems to be true of other professions such as scientists and engineers who come up with an idea that has never been seen before. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison entered the Alpha state to solve problems that they could not resolve in the “thinking state ” .

Listening to music, watching theater or reading poetry is a wonderful way to transcend your everyday thoughts and tap into a “higher intuitive state”. There are times when I have been watching a musical and forgot everything except the the creativity in front of my eyes.

Walking in nature  can be meditative to many people. I know when I am in nature especially near trees and water, I feel  connected to all living things. It is one reason I love camping or traveling to new places. Many people when engaged in sports enter the “zone”, a non-thinking space where you are totally in tune with your body. Have you ever been hiking or exercising and solved a problem that had been eluding you forever?

Another form of meditation for me is cooking. I know it sounds crazy but I am totally into what I am doing. I am enjoying the smells and texture of the food I am preparing. It is super relaxing to me and transports me out of my busy thoughts. Do you have a hobby or activity that allows you to completely leave your everyday world for a little while?

Many people think they do not have time to meditate , but as most successful people know who meditate, it actually makes them much more productive and less stressed during their day. I find nothing seems insurmountable if I start my day with a short meditation. I also can solve questions I have been pondering during the meditation and feel connections to others that are in need of a kind word. I have called many people after they came to me in mediation and they said “I was just thinking about you”.

In the New Year coming up, how about doing something for yourself ? Start a new practice of 10-20 minutes of morning meditation before you start your day. If that is not possible, then try it during a break or just before bed. I promise you the 10 minutes you give to yourself will come back 10 fold during the day. You can start by Googling “Guided Meditations”.

I am also offering free 20 Minute Guided Meditations at Cherish Yourself in Cary  from 6:30-7 pm. The dates are January 4 and 24, 2017; and February 7 and 22, 2017 . Let me know if you would like to join me, as you decide that taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give others.



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Nov 272016

white-water-raftingMost of my early life, I went to school, worked full time and socialized with my friends. In my mid 20’s ,  I took a clogging class by myself. It was a little intimidating , but  I really wanted to learn. I met a couple of guys at a bluegrass festival who invited me to a  square dance in Chapel Hill. After several months, they invited me to try out for the Apple Chill Cloggers. I was shocked since I was not a professional clogger. But I auditioned and joined the team, and danced in NC , surrounding states and 5 countries in Europe. My life has never been the same since.

My next “jump out of my comfort zone” was white water rafting in my late 20’s. I am not a dare devil , but I am very active. My first trip to the New River on Class 5 rapids, was the most scary and exciting thing I had ever done. I even sat up front -where all the action is. I was hooked.

But as life happens, it was 15 years later for my next “jump”. I started trying to get pregnant at 39 , most of my friends thought I had lost my mind. I had  a wonderful son, at 42 years old, who loves ballroom dancing .

Seven years after the birth of my son, my husband died suddenly.  I made the decision to retire and move back to Raleigh. This was one of the biggest life decisions I had ever made, my guidance was so strong that I refused to listen to any negative thoughts.

Fast forward, 3 years later , at the age of 57, my next “jump” was zip lining and hot air ballooning. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I have always had a fear of heights. I made up my mind I could do it now or never do it in my life. As far as the white water rafting , I resumed this at the same age and have been 5 times, even 6 months after a double knee replacement-to the adverse warnings of my friends.

Three years ago, I again “jumped out of my comfort zone” in the most uncomfortable way. I came out of the “spiritual closet” after working for 35 years in  clinical labs . I had been practicing Reiki since 1987, but now started my energy healing business , became a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, a Reiki Master, Ordained Minister  and created this website to help others on their spiritual journey.

If you had told me 5 years ago , that I would be standing up in front of 150 people and officiating a wedding, I would have thought you had lost your mind. I have always had a fear of public speaking, but I realized that the ceremonies are all about the couples and their love for each other and I am only there to provide guidance and support for them.

I even spoke at my Aunt Melba’s funeral this year . This was a real “jump” since I am such a cry baby at funerals. I loved her so much, she was like a mother to me.. But she lived such a life of unconditional love, I felt guided to do this. I wrote the speech early the next morning and made it through with only a couple of stops to regain my composure. My cousins were so happy and I was glad I had honored her memory by speaking from my heart.

My encouragement to you is to listen to your guidance and take that “JUMP” out of your comfort zone. If I had stayed in my “safety zone” after my 20’s , my life would have been less complete and I would always wonder, “What if?”

You can start by learning to meditate on a daily basis. I would suggest starting with a  guided mediation  , it makes it easier to turn down the volume of all those continuous thoughts in your head. This allows you to listen to your spiritual center for guidance and choose what is truly for your highest and best benefit .  I am here for questions, if you need any “boost” to get started.


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Nov 202016

paddle-outRecently I stayed with my friend , Diane,since I was officiating a wedding at nearby Wrightsville Beach the following day. She asked if Eric and I would like to go to a “Paddle Out” the next morning before the wedding. She said it was a very spiritual event. I was confused , so she explained when a surfer dies, they honor them with a “paddle out” . All the surfers at Carolina Beach that knew Luke, the surfer who had passed to the spiritual realm recently,  brought their surfboards to the beach . There was a short service as follows:

“Poseidon,Lord of the great clear blue sea, crashing waves and all the fair waters of the world; your might is well known, well governed and well wielded. Oh, God who commands the white capped waves, we praise and honor you.

Poseidon, friend of the sailor, the fisherman,the surfer and all who find joy,  livelihood on sea coast and shoreline; we pray for your good will and are grateful for your blessings.

Send your mermaids and dolphins to carry the soul of your servant, Luke, to eternal life in your domain. Bring peace and tranquility to Melissa and Fisher. Let family and friends who have passed before be united in joy with Luke. Forgive any wrongs that have been committed and welcome the beloved spirit of Luke into the warm entrance of your domain.


Ben McHorney 10/16/2016 with the blowing of the conch and blessing with wine. ”

Then all the surfers took a fresh flower with them and paddled out into the ocean where a boat with Luke’s ashes  and his close family were aboard. The ashes were poured into the sea and all the paddlers slapped the water in honor of this.

From all the movies I have seen, I thought surfers were loners and not really part of a tight community. But after witnessing this and realizing their entwining souls with nature, I realize what a connected and spiritual group the surfers really are.

When thinking of any group closely connected to nature such as American Indians, Australian Aborigine, or Alaskan Inuit , there is a spiritual quality of their beliefs connected to the Earth and a Creator. The same seems true for the surfers that feel a spiritual connection to the sea.

I find that while hiking in the woods or playing in the lakes or ocean , I feel a deep spiritual connection to the nature around me and the Creator. This seems to be the easiest place to “ground” myself. There is a peacefulness to the waves and trees that pervades my soul whenever I am there. It helps me see the “whole universe” instead of the small things that do not matter in this lifetime. Loving relationships with those around us including animals, plants and the Earth are the true path to spiritual fulfillment.


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Oct 092016


My sister, Connie, has always had animal friends as long as I can remember, especially horses and dogs.  She loves them  completely and they love her back.  It warms my heart to see her with her animals and the bond they have.

When I was growing up, I was more of a nature girl and spent a lot of time in the woods near creeks and streams.  I had a lot of “other worldly” friends like fairies and wood nymphs.  My imagination ran wild, but I was never lonely.  My friend, Diane, in the photo always wanted to see my fairy that I kept in a matchbox.  But I explained that if I opened the box and showed her,the fairy would fly away.  As I become more and more in tune with the spiritual world,I realized that a lot of the comfort I received from these “imaginary” friends was actually real, just another form of energy on a different plane.

As a single woman out on my own, I was given a white Eskimo Spitz , Rhiannon, by a co-worker.  Rhiannon became my constant companion for 14 years.  I was told that Spitz only like their owners, so as a small puppy, I took her to many pig pickings in North Carolina and let everyone play with her.  In later years, she was hit by a car and we rushed her to the emergency  vet.  He asked if I was sure she was a Spitz, because he had never seen one with that loving personality.  She went beyond her nature and gave back the love she received.

All my friends knew that if they invited me to their home, that Rhiannon was coming.  They could politely ask me not to bring her, but that rarely happened.  I began dating Sonny, my future husband who was a cat lover not a dog lover.  When I would visit him, the dog came also.  He tolerated her  because she was ” the smartest dog he had ever seen”.  Near the end of her life, this “cat lover” husband was taking her to his business everyday to give her heart medicine at lunch time.  She gave so much unconditional love to everyone she met, that it was impossible not to fall in love with her.

My son was born a few years after Rhiannon died, and I would tell him that he was my first human child ,but I had another child before him, my dog child.  If you are an animal lover, you understand this. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are being silly about your pet. They offer us so much emotional support and true unconditional love that they qualify as part of our family, hands down.  Whenever we are sad, they are there. Whenever we are angry, they don’t understand but stay near us anyway.  And the loving look they have when we are happy is truly joyous.

Since Rhiannon, I have had  2 rescue cats, Slate and Charcoal who lived outdoors and indoors most of their 17 years of living. Charcoal even became a full time housecoat when we moved to Cary, because I was worried about the traffic. This independent “outdoor” cat that could not be picked up, eventually slept in my bed and would tap my nose , hidden in between two pillows to get rubbed.

My son, Wil and I have had a black rescue lab, Tag, for 12 years. He is the joy of our life. He is always there to comfort us when anything goes awry.  We took him in  3 years after we lost Sonny, my husband and Wil’s dad.  Tag helped fill the void we had after Sonny’s departure to the spiritual plane. We could have not been gifted with a better ‘soulmate ” than Tag. He is one of the the most loving creatures, I have ever met. He is constantly following one or the other around the house, unless he is taking his beauty naps, which are more frequent now. The vet says his body is like a 6 year old, but I believe it is due to all the love he gives and receives. He still gets super excited to go for a daily walk and when he occasionally gets chicken skin for a treat.

No words can describe the passing of one of our furry friends. Some people do not understand the bond we have but we know we have a lost a friend who has loved us unconditionally through thick and thin. We can find comfort in the knowledge that their spirit will always be with us. We will never be alone, if we only open our heart to hear them.  This blog is for you Diane , who lost her longtime dog child, Austin , this past week. They are pictured above with her grandson, Jaxon. I love you and know that Austin’s spirit will always be there for you .

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Sep 042016

candace and camille

Would you like a joy-filled event , stress-free? Here are questions to ask when looking for a wedding officiant or spiritual guide.

  1. Are they easy to talk to?  Are you comfortable talking to them?  Are they friendly with a pleasing tone of voice?  Do they listen to you and seem in tune to your wishes?
  2.  Do they welcome your input? Do they ask what you would like in your ceremony and vows?  Are your ideas being taken into consideration?  They may let you know that as far as the legal ceremony , only your names, your intention, your vows , two witnesses and the declaration of a marriage couple are required.  This is your wedding and it should embrace the essence of your relationship to your family and friends.   Anything you want to add is OK as long as the legal requirements are present. 
  3.  Do they offer suggestions for Rituals or Remembrances? Unity ceremonies  such as candle lighting or sand ceremony can add an extra element to the service.  A nice gesture is the remembrance of loves ones, parents, grandparents or others who are no longer with us in the physical plane.  If there are children from a previous marriage, are they to be included in the ceremony?
  4. Open-Mindedness? Do they welcome your preference for the type of ceremony :secular, spiritual or religious? Are they free of religious, sexual or racial bias? Will your friends and family feel comfortable in the presence of them ?
  5. Description of Services and Fees? Do they describe their services including: unlimited texts,calls or emails leading up to the ceremony and expected response time; creation of ceremony and vows : officiating the ceremony and filing of legal documents. The average fee for a wedding officiant is $500 ( rehearsal and wedding). The average fee for spiritual guidance $75-100 per session.

If you ask these questions, your wedding or spiritual guidance session should be stress-free and filled with joy. It is your natural right to have a joyful life and experience! Interview your reverend to see if it will be a good fit for you.

I offer personalized ceremonies, as well as De-Stress sessions for  the bride, groom and parents leading up to the wedding. The sessions will focus on reducing stress associated with the upcoming wedding. It will include a discussion of the wedding and the causes of your stress. A guided mediation will follow to relax and allow you to let go of worrying thoughts. You will take a trip through nature in your mind and focus on pleasant surroundings. Next you will visualize the wedding unfolding with ease and grace. You will have techniques to help calm yourself and enjoy the wedding when it occurs.

I also offer spiritual guidance and energy healing sessions to everyone on an on-going basis.


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Aug 142016

Clara Johnson and chakra painting.

I saw an artist friend at a business event a few months ago and asked her to come to a guided mediation that I was leading. She hesitated and I suddenly understood, she lives in a  “state of meditation” while creating her art. We created a combined art and spirituality class: Chakra Art Expression. She led the painting, while I led a guided mediation through the Chakras or energy centers of the body. As you can see from the photo everyone’s experience was different but wonderful.

I often wonder why I am so drawn to theater, dance, music or books. Is it a way to escape life? The answer seems to  lie deeper. We become so entrenched in our daily habits of earning a living, taking care of our health, and fulfilling obligations, that we forget to appreciate  and be thankful for the simple things that surround us.

Beauty in a painting, memories from a familiar tune, a book expressing emotions, a dance causing an urge to jump up -all tap into our heart and help us feel truly alive and connected to our spirit. We usually have to come back to the “real world” after  experiencing  such a moment.

The artists I know, seem to live in two worlds, the physical and the spiritual. All of us can benefit by tapping into our creativity. When we free our minds from habitual thoughts and allow our imagination to run free , we start to live in the present. Connecting with that creative spirit , lifts you into a place of flow, where time seems to stop.

We all come into this life full of wonder. Every new thing we encounter provides delight. Opening our heart to the beauty around us can truly provide a sense of peace and love. Whenever you encounter negative thoughts, remember how it felt to be a child with no limits in your mind. Take a fresh look at the world around you and see all the beauty there. What we perceive is our choice: decide to see beauty and love in every person you meet and experience true inner peace.  Your heart will thank you for it!

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Aug 022016

Melba at the alke

My aunt transcended to the spiritual plane this week. She was full of love and laughter during her 80+ years of life and freely shared those blessings to all around her. I felt so strongly about her wonderful soul that I made up my mind to speak at her funeral, which made me very nervous. Public speaking is not fun to me , but in the past year I have been officiating weddings in front of large groups of people and knew if I could do that, I could do this for my aunt. My real concern was getting through it without crying the whole time. These are my thoughts I shared with our family on Friday;

“We are born feeling unconditional love for everyone around us. As we grow up, we begin to feel separation from others and spend our life looking for peace in our heart as a key to happiness. Some of us are fortunate enough to know a person who lives from a place of unconditional love. There is no judgment, no jealousy, no anger at other people-everyone is seen as their true self- a child of God with a pure soul. This person radiates love in all they do and say and shows no preference to anyone around them.

Melba McKenzie was a person whose heart and love always shined upon everyone she met. I had the honor of being part of her family. I also had the privilege to know another person with this rare quality-of total unconditional love-my mother. Melba and Rachel( my mother)  were sisters from first sight after marrying brothers from the McKenzie clan. There was a special bond between these two women that was stronger than family-it was at the core of their soul-their love for all God’s children.

This week I have spent in reflection of Melba’s life and have seen Melba, Rachel, Paul( my father) and Stan (my uncle) together again, all with radiant smiles. Even though we are sad today with Melba’s passing to the spiritual plane, we know she is sending her love down to us now and will for the rest of our lives. Let us all open our hearts to love and share it with everyone we meet. Melba would be proud.”

Our lives expand beyond happiness , when we come from a place of unconditional love to all we meet. It is a daily practice but one well worth the undertaking , allowing us to find heaven on earth. And yes, I made it through the tribute to Aunt Melba without crying (although a few voice quivers). It is amazing when you let go of fear and focus on what is really important , the things you find yourself doing, that you never would have thought you could.

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