Aug 142016

Clara Johnson and chakra painting.

I saw an artist friend at a business event a few months ago and asked her to come to a guided mediation that I was leading. She hesitated and I suddenly understood, she lives in a  “state of meditation” while creating her art. We created a combined art and spirituality class: Chakra Art Expression. She led the painting, while I led a guided mediation through the Chakras or energy centers of the body. As you can see from the photo everyone’s experience was different but wonderful.

I often wonder why I am so drawn to theater, dance, music or books. Is it a way to escape life? The answer seems to  lie deeper. We become so entrenched in our daily habits of earning a living, taking care of our health, and fulfilling obligations, that we forget to appreciate  and be thankful for the simple things that surround us.

Beauty in a painting, memories from a familiar tune, a book expressing emotions, a dance causing an urge to jump up -all tap into our heart and help us feel truly alive and connected to our spirit. We usually have to come back to the “real world” after  experiencing  such a moment.

The artists I know, seem to live in two worlds, the physical and the spiritual. All of us can benefit by tapping into our creativity. When we free our minds from habitual thoughts and allow our imagination to run free , we start to live in the present. Connecting with that creative spirit , lifts you into a place of flow, where time seems to stop.

We all come into this life full of wonder. Every new thing we encounter provides delight. Opening our heart to the beauty around us can truly provide a sense of peace and love. Whenever you encounter negative thoughts, remember how it felt to be a child with no limits in your mind. Take a fresh look at the world around you and see all the beauty there. What we perceive is our choice: decide to see beauty and love in every person you meet and experience true inner peace.  Your heart will thank you for it!

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